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Determination of coefficients of Lee-Wheaton equation for electrical conductivity of electrolyte solutions in MS Excel

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  • Electrical Conductivity
  • Equation Of Lee-Wheaton
  • Interionic Distance
  • Association Constant
  • Objective Function
  • Электропроводность
  • уравнение Ли-Уитона
  • межионное расстояние
  • константа ассоциации
  • функция цели
  • Електропровідність
  • рівняння Лі-Уітона
  • міжіонна відстань
  • константа асоціації
  • функція мети
  • УДК 544.623
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics


The conductometric method of study of electrolyte solutions permits to explore solutions and obtain highly accurate results.To describe the experimental conductometric solutions mathematically we have analyzed the possibility of application of Lee-Wheaton equation to describe the electrical conductivity of solutions 1 – 1 of electrolytes. For this purpose, we suggest using a superstructure Fitter for Microsoft Office Excel. The superstructure Fitter permits to assess the values of coefficients of complex equations specified by a user in algebraic form. We have also applied the optimization algorithm, which provides high accuracy for nonlinear models.Using the superstructure, we have studied the effect of interionic distance on the objective function value by scanning the surface of the objective function by means of changing the parameters Ka and R in the global minimum subject to the minimum of the derivative of the objective function in the value λ0.Based on the studies, it was concluded about the little impact of the parameter R on the value of the objective function, i.e. when calculating, one can use a fixed value of the interionic radius

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