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Object-Based Storage Model for Object-Oriented Database

IFIP Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS)
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The current storage models for Object-Oriented DataBase (OODB), which organize data as objects according to the Object-Oriented Data Model (OODM), are mainly established on the block storage devices. In this way, the storage manager does not have detailed knowledge of the characteristics of the underlying storage devices, and the storage subsystem does not have the semantic knowledge of the data stored in the block storage devices, so it is very difficult to implement some workload-dependent tasks such as data layout and caching. Furthermore, the storage subsystem of OODB has to organize the objects in the pages, which is not well-suited to the objects storage. In this paper, we present an Object-Based Storage Model (OBSM) for OODB by using the recently-standardized Object-based Storage Device (OSD) interface. OSD offloads the storage management into the storage device itself and provides an object interface to data, which brings more intelligence into the storage subsystem. In the first glance at using OBSD in OODB, we explore the methods to map OODM to OBSM including direct mapping, mapping clustering to collection and declustering a large object to a series of sub-objects, and analyze the benefits to the storage subsystem of OODB by using OBSM such as providing storage functionalities offloading, providing objects sharing pool, providing integrative object persistence.Full Text at Springer, may require registration or fee

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