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650 MECU in latest Social Fund tranche. Information Memo P-61/82, October 1982

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OMAAA EKnPO:OflOr TYrIO/ - Gllt.FPO DEL POFTTA\OCE - BTREAJ VAN DE WOORC TOERDER tltt0fllilIiltt . t]il||nitll0nt$Eilt lu]tHEltltults . Illl0BitAll0ll illil0 .ll0ll ll'llll0n]illllllt n,'"o'::l-:'JTT;::TJ: :H::::il*-*' il" r & ffi& ffi y l*lajor new social Fund allocations have recently been agreedby the commission on the basis of proposals made 6y sociaiAffairs commissioner rvor Richard. The most receni of theseis a tranche of 649 million ECUS (the Fund's fourth tranche forI9B2) which has just been'notified to member States. Thisfollows on a smaller funding decision - of 14 MEcu - approvedearlier and concerning exclusively a limited number ofprojects for assisting migrant workers (J.992's third tranche). Taken together with the funding decisione announced in thefirst half of the year (2), these bring the total of E.S.F.financing to date in 1982 to an unprec-dented .1292 MECU. Commenting on the significant inereases in the Fund,sfinancing possibili-ties, Mr. Richard said : ,' with about rl00 MECU so far eermarked for social fund projects this year, Fund assistance in l9B2 is already about 1O% up on last yearrs overalr total of around 1000 MEcu. But this must only be seen as an initial step in the right direction. The severity andpersistence of the present unemployment crisi6 have created newtraining needs, which can only be met by further major increasesin the Fund's budget. This is particularly true as regardsthe nebds of the young, who receive ]58 MEcu, or no ress than 55% of the total o.f the Fundts latest tranche'r. The fulr tist of beneficiairies of the Fund's ratest trancheis as follows: MEcu - Agriculture : - Textiles - Young people - Training Recruitment aids - Migrants - Women - Regions - Group of Enterprises - Technical Progress - Handicapped - Pilot experimente 7.7 22.4 250.3 108 .1 t6.L 14. I 91.3 7.9 34.2 ..76.O r.2 c(82)Irr] See notes P-17 and P-26 KOMMISSIONEN FOR DE EUFIOPIEISKE FIELLESSKABER - ](OMMISSTON DER EUROPAISCHEN GEMEINSCHAFT

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