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The Sino-Korean Relations and the Issue of Korean Minority in China

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  • 한중관계
  • 열린 민족주의
  • 소수민족정책
  • 재외동포정책
  • 중국의 조선족
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  • Political Science


This article is designed to understand the problem of Korean minority in China in the context of the Sino-Korean relations. From Chinese perspective, Korean minority are 'Chinese citizen and Zhonghua minzu (Chinese people).' In Korean viewpoint, they are the main part of 'overseas Koreans.' The Korean minority in China has developed a dual identity as both ethnic Koreans and Chinese nationals. Since the normalization of Sino-Korean foreign relations in 1992, the Chinese government has been worried about the appearance of Korean nationalism or pro-South Korean sentiments among the Korean community in China. However, the South Korean impact on the Korean Chinese has reinforced their identity as a Korean minority and Chinese nationals. The fluctuations of Korean policy towards them and the dispute over 'the law concerning overseas Koreans' in Korea has alienated Korean Chinese from South Korea. Today, the issue of Korean minority in China seems to a 'hot potato' between the two governments. It would be advisable for China and South Korea to understand each other, exchange their viewpoints, and find a better way concerning the issue of Korean minority in China.

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