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Future Unified Communication Based on Ubiquitous Hierarchical Generalized-Sensor Network Architecture

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  • Ubiquitous Hierarchical Generalized-Sensor Network
  • Wsn
  • Characterized Searching
  • Rfid
  • Communication
  • Mathematics


Recent advances in wireless sensor network (WSN) and radio frequency identifier (RFID) have made it possible to extend current human-to-human communication to the future unified communication environment among human society, computer network and the external physical world. A ubiquitous hierarchical generalized-sensor network (UHGSN) is presented in this paper as a typical network model for such unified communication architecture. The sensor information processing unit and the hierarchical distributed agent server are introduced as the basic network elements in this architecture for effective information communication, and the topology, addressing and recovery problems are analyzed. As the basic applications, the combined “key word” based characterized searching mechanism and the performance monitoring processes are discussed, along with the corresponding protocol message definition and encoding format. Simulation results show the advancements of the presented hierarchical architecture and the job-list based characterized searching mechanism.

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