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Daily National Intelligencer 2/26/1818 3:1-5



Article Title: To the Editor. An account, unsigned, of the history of Amelia Island from McGregor's attack up to the arrival of Aury. First in a series. Author: Published in: Daily National Intelligencer Place of Publication: Washington, DC Publication Date: 2/26/1818 TO THE EDITORS. Gentlemen : The Spanish garrison of Fernandina surrendered, without striking a blow, to a part only of McGregor's force, the grand total of which did not, as we have seen, exceed one hundred and ten or twenty men. On the 30th June, the General planted the green cross of the Floridas on the walls of the fort, and the next day this " commander in chief of the army, destined to both the Floridas," promulgated an address to his host, breathing a strain of the most lofty panegyric magnificent prophecy. In sonorousness emphasis, it is not surpassed by any composition of the kind to be found in Livy. " You will soon," says the victorious leader, " be able to free the whole of the Floridas, c.*** To perpetuate the memory of your valor, I have decreed, and do decree, a shield of honor to be worn on the left arm of every individual who had assisted or co-operated in the reduction of the Island of Amelia ; this shield to be round, of the diameter of four inches, made of red cloth, with the device, Vencedores de Amelia, (Conquerors of Amelia) surrounded by a wreath of laurel and oak leaves, embroidered in gold for the officers, in yellow silk for the men." The General had not been able to raise, in the United States, more than forty or fifty thousand dollars. The expences of the expedition must have nearly exhausted this sum. The lenders had stipulated, we may suppose, for quicker returns than the lands of both the Floridas could be expected to yield. It is even said, maliciously perhaps, that their hopes of profit rested upon the chance of purchasing at Amelia good bargains of captured merchandise. Be this as it may, the first and necessary expedient of the conqueror was, to forage in the neighboring seas. Policy requiri

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