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Background: Immune system is arranged to defend from any kind of harmful substances. One of the component of the immune system is macrophage to eliminate any harmful substances in our body by doing the phagositosis proccess. In order to do phagositosis proccess, macrophage produce some kind of toxic chemical to kill the pathogens. One of those toxic chemical is called Radical Oxygen Intermediate (ROI). Previously, there was a research of Tolak Angin Cair to observe the reaction of ROI in macrophage. In this study, we observed the effects of Tolak Angin Anak Cair that has almost the same ingredients as Tolak Angin Cair on the level of ROI produced by Macrophage. Methods: This research was a pure experimental research and the design used was Post Test Only Control Group Design using experimental animal as the subject of the research. The experiment used Tolak Angin Anak Cair with several doses (0,125 ml, 0,250 ml, and 0,50 ml). After that, the mice are being sacrified and the intra-peritoneal fluid was taken to meassure the level of ROI in macrophage. The next step was using the SPSS 15,00 for Windows to analyze the data followed by using the normality test. Then, using kruskal-Wallis and Mann Whitney Test to determine which data that were the significant one. This research was conducted from March until April 2009 in the Laboratorium of Parasitologi and the Laboratorium of CEBIOR. Results: There was a significance increse in the level of ROI in the experimented mice compared to the control mice. But, if the experimented mice are compared to each other, there were not some significance increase in their level of ROI Conclussion: There was an increase of ROI in the swiss mice that are administrated with Tolak Angin Anak Cair than the swiss mice that are only administrated with water. Keywords: Macrophage, Radical Oxygen Intermediate

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