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Will Avatars Offer Answers?

Preventing Chronic Disease
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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Preventing Chronic Disease VOLUME 4: NO. 3 JULY 2007 Will Avatars Offer Answers? FROM THE EDITOR IN CHIEF Suggested citation for this article: Wilcox LS. Will ava- tars offer answers? Prev Chronic Dis [serial online] 2007 Jul [date cited]. Available from: issues/2007/jul/07_0060.htm. Though we often scold ourselves for having limited perceptions, public health professionals understand the relationship between community wellness and person- al health better than most. We recognized this as we reviewed the recommendations of the National Expert Panel on Community Health Promotion (1). Preventing Chronic Disease and other public health journals have published articles that address the essence of these recommendations, including the topics of community- level surveillance (2-4); community-based participatory research (5,6); wellness and community, including mental health and complementary and alternative medicine (7- 11); and training and capacity building (12-16). Certainly no discussion of public health action is complete without examining funding approaches such as those the expert panel described (17-19). We thank Dr Leandris Liburd and Ms Amanda Navarro of the Division of Adult and Community Health, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, for serving as guest editors of this issue. The expert panel also recommended the establishment of online communities for sharing information and promot- ing dialogue on evidenced-based approaches to community health — a virtual community that “combines the best of Wikipedia, Google, MySpace, [and] Meetup (1).” More spe- cific panel recommendations for this virtual community include encouraging participants to share their experi- ences and increasing opportunities for them to contribute information about communications tools, methods of col- lecting data on community indicators, training, and evalu- ation. Crespo elaborate

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