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Other provision : definition, categorisation and funding

Learning and Skills Development Agency
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LSDA SURVEY FINAL REPORT complete2.doc “OTHER” PROVISION: definition, categorisation and funding Eddie Burch July 2002 Edited by: Maggie Greenwood LSDA 2 Preface The research project was funded by the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) in autumn 2001 as part of its core grant to the Learning and Skills Development Agency (LSDA). In April 2001, the LSC took over the funding of all post-16 provision and the Learning and Skills Act 2000 removed the schedule 2/ non-schedule 2 divide. The LSC now funds provision leading to qualifications which are included in the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and courses outside the NQF, currently identified as defined as “other provision”. The “other provision” is further sub-divided by the LSC into: · Externally certificated – including “pseudo” qualifications, enrichment activities and internally devised qualifications · Internally certificated · No certification These courses do not and are not intended to, meet the criteria for approval into the NQF. They represent a large body of work carried out in Further Education (FE) colleges and Adult and Community providers; they include Access courses, enrichment activities, specialist SLDD programmes, and non-schedule 2 type activities. The LSC needs to define this work in a more appropriate way and is looking for a refinement of the categories identified. It also needs to know the extent of this provision in FE colleges in particular. The aim of the research was to look at the how FE colleges, Sixth Form Colleges and specialist colleges understood the term “other provision”, delivered this provision and its importance in their portfolio of work. In addition, the research looked at issues related to funding “other provision” and how this might develop in the future. The research highlights the importance of “other provision” in Widening Participation, Inclusive

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