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Good practice in commissioning services for children living away from home - building partnerships for positive outcomes

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Abstract ChoiceProtects good in commissioning services for children living away from home… practice …building partnerships for positive outcomes Improving placement quality and choice 2 Guide to intelligent commissioning Commissioning services for children living away from home Contracts manager Gary Heathcote – one of the interviewees in this Choice Protects newsletter – highlights a key issue for everyone involved in children’s commissioning. We want to know that children and young people living away from home are healthy, safe, achieving and developing as they should. But how can we achieve this? • How can we can we make sure they are getting the best quality care in their placements? • How can we ensure that placements are looking after all their needs, including their physical health, emotional and psychological well being, education, leisure and so on? • How can we reduce the number of moves children make, creating greater stability in their lives? • How can we keep children close to home, where they can maintain links with family, friends and community? Part of the solution is the need to build strong partnerships among the key agencies that commission children’s placements. These multi agency partnerships must be focused clearly on a coordinated approach to planning and commissioning in order to improve children’s care and life chances. Focus on good practice This newsletter features good practice among local authorities and agencies that are already working together to improve the way they commission. They are beginning to create better quality and better value children’s placements. “As practitioners, we are sometimes just grateful to find a placement for a child, especially at 5.30pm on a Friday. But if children are just being warehoused, that simply isn’t good enough We need to be looking at quality.” Message from Tom Jeffery The outstanding projects highlighted in this newsletter demonstrate the excellent work being t

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