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Slovní hodnocení na II. stupni základní školy

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The target of my dissertation was to get a closer look at relations between the traditional classification and newly proclaimed verbal evaluation. First of all I have described the basic criteria, types and specifics of the common school classification and consequently I have considered an approximation of basic attributes, which are brought along with the verbal evaluation. Left out has not been even the new pedagogical reform, which shows the importance of the verbal evaluation with regards to implementation of key competences. My target was to approximate current opinions and insight of parents, teachers and students on the meaning of the common classification in confrontation to opinions regarding the verbal evaluation. In practice, by the means of the questionnaire, I have focused on opinions and awareness of teachers at the II. stage of elementary schools regarding the verbal evaluation. Pedagogues were asked what is the effect of the applied verbal evaluation, if they consider it as more efficient type of an evaluation than is the classification, how thoroughly were they informed by the national educational system regarding the verbal evaluation and if they believe that the verbal evaluation can contribute to improvement of the student{\crq}s performance. I was also interested to know, what kind of evaluation the pedagogue would choose from his own confidence, if he could make the choice. All opinions were evaluated by the means of the statistic method and diagrammatized.

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