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A Critical Evaluation of PNU ESP Textbooks

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Having paramount importance in any ESP classroom, textbooks are known as one of the most visible parts of any ESP teaching program. Playing a crucial role, especially in societies where English is used as a foreign language, such textbooks should have some features on which the needs and objectives of an ESP teaching program are met. Concerning such an importance, making use of McDonough and Shaw’s (2003) model, this research intends to critically evaluate the current status of the Iranian ESP textbooks developed and published by Payam Nour University (PNU), as the second ESP textbooks developer in Iranian academic setting. Obtaining such an end, it tries: (1) to present the importance of ESP materials development as well as evaluation; (2) to introduce the essential drawbacks which PNU textbooks suffer from; and (3) to present some practical suggestions and solutions to tackle the significant problems and drawbacks of such ESP textbooks.

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