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DON JUAN.WHO? / DON JUAN.KDO? is co-production between Furse’s Athletes of the Heart and Mladinsko Gledalisce, Ljubljana. This UK/Slovene research explored several interlocking questions: thematic, methodological, technological and strategic. The project sought to explore contemporary gender relations via the Don Juan myth, asking: what tools (text, action, imagery) might we employ for exploring and expressing findings in theatrical form? How could we harness extant historical and contemporary Don Juan texts – poetic (Byron), dramatic (de Molina, Moliere, Shaw, Von Horvath), operatic (Mozart/da Ponte) and cinematic (Vadim, Sherman, Korda, Jarmusch) – as a dramaturgical framework within which to pose questions about sexuality, seduction, gender and power relations? How might the transnational aspect of such questions be explored? Work-in-progress productions took place in 2007, with full production at Mladinsko 10-11 July 2008 and the FeEast Festival of Eastern European Arts, Riverside Studios, London, November 2008.

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