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Dissolved organic carbon at site EUMELI-MO-01 (1992-05-28-1992-05-30)

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DOI: 10.1594/pangaea.139779
  • Biogeochemical Processes In The Oceans And Fluxes
  • Carbon
  • Organic
  • Dissolved
  • Eumeli4
  • Eumeli-Mo-01
  • Jgofs
  • Joint Global Ocean Flux Study
  • L Atalante
  • Multiple Investigations
  • Proof


Microsoft Word - edmedEumeli5.rtf /SISMER edmedEumeli5.rtf-1/3 DATA SET SUMMARY (EDMED) Project : JGOFS Data set name : EUMELI 5 CRUISE OR MOORING : CRUISE LABORATORY in charge of : Laboratoire d’Océanographie Biologique et Ecologie du Plancton marin LOBEPM BP 28 06234 Villefranche/mer FRANCE DOMAINS/KEYWORDS : ? PHYSICAL OCEANOGRAPHY ex : SUBSURFACE HYDROGRAPHY (T,S) CURRENTS, DRIFT, DISPERSION SURFACE HYDROGRAPHY (EG T,S) OPTICAL PROPERTIES OF SEA WATER ? INORGANIC CHEMISTRY DISSOLVED GASES NUTRIENTS RADIO-ISOTOPES ? MARINE BIOLOGY BENTHOS ORGANIC/BIO-CHEMISTRY MARINE BIOLOGY BULK CHEMISTY (EG PH, TCO2) PRODUCTIVITY, BIOMASS PIGMENTS (EG CHLOROPHYLL), LIGHT PLANKTON FISHES DEEP SEA ECOLOGY/FAUNA MICROBIOLOGY ? OTHER DATA MARINE SNOW Particles TIME-PERIOD : December 1992 GEOGRAPHIC-COVERAGE : Atlantic Ocean MEASUREMENT TYPE : (W P F S O B) W: sea water P : water column particles F : settling particles near the sediment S : sediment O : pore water OBSERVED PARAMETERS : (units have to be consistent with the International System of Units described in the project Data Manual) Files *.Re1 : Particles > 202 µm ESD NAME UNIT FORMAT pressure Decibars Scientific # particules / liter Mean Length mm Mean Surface mm2 Mean ESD * mm Total Volume * Ppm Total Dry Weight * microg/l Median ESD * mm DSE S.D.* S.D. Spherical Surface * mm2 Ratio (Length/ESD)* * calculated values /SISMER edmedEumeli5.rtf-2/3 Files *.His : NAME UNIT FORMAT Volume of analysed sea water liter Scientific Depth of sample Dbars # particles 3 pixels surface (92 µm ESD) # particles 4 pixels surface # particles 5 pixels surface …… # particles 150 pixels surface Usefull equations : Y = 0.00139 x 1.430 x = Surface (pixels) Y = Surface (mm²) See Lars Stemmann thesis for values limitation. L = 0.835 l 0.123 l = Lengh (pixels)

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