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The Levy sections theorem revisited

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  • C1 - Econometric And Statistical Methods And Methodology: General
  • C63 - Computational Techniques
  • Simulation Modeling
  • G10 - General
  • Mathematics


This paper revisits the Levy sections theorem. We extend the scope of the theorem to time series and apply it to historical daily returns of selected dollar exchange rates. The elevated kurtosis usually observed in such series is then explained by their volatility patterns. And the duration of exchange rate pegs explains the extra elevated kurtosis in the exchange rates of emerging markets. In the end our extension of the theorem provides an approach that is simpler than the more common explicit modeling of fat tails and dependence. Our main purpose is to build up a technique based on the sections that allows one to artificially remove the fat tails and dependence present in a data set. By analyzing data through the lenses of the Levy sections theorem one can find common patterns in otherwise very different data sets.

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