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In vitro and in vivo Characterization of Adult Bone Marrow Neural Crest Stem Cells and their Implication in Hematopoietic Support

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  • Mesenchymal Stem Cells
  • Neural Crest Stem Cell
  • Hematopoiesis
  • Human Health Sciences :: Hematology [D11]
  • Sciences De La Santé Humaine :: Hématologie [D11]
  • Human Health Sciences :: Neurology [D14]
  • Sciences De La Santé Humaine :: Neurologie [D14]


v  NCSC specific markers While wai)ng for the obten)on of clonal popula)ons, immunostainings and RT-­‐PCR experiments were performed on whole BMSC cultures in order to evaluate the expression of NCSC specific markers like Nes)n, p75NTR, and Sox10. Tuj1 staining (which recognize immature neuron-­‐characteris)c β3-­‐tubulin) was also tested. We can conclude that all human BMSC express Nes)n, Tuj1 and p75NTR star)ng from low passages. However, they do not express Sox10 (even if low level of Sox10 expression was observed at the mRNA level) (Figure 3 and 4). v  Sphere-forming ability The same markers were tested in RT-­‐PCR. In figure 4, we observed that Cxcr7 is strongly expressed by human BMSC and also by spheres. v  Differentiation potential of human BMSC We applied diverse protocols to induce human BMSC differen)a)on into adipocytes, osteocytes and chondrocytes. Figure 7 illustrates their mul)poten)ality. Moreover, we are carrying out melanocyte and adipocyte differen)a)on experiments in spheres, to see if sphere-­‐ derived popula)on present different abili)es compared with whole BMSC. C. Coste1, V. Neirinckx1, B. Rogister1,2,3, A. Gothot4 and S. Wislet-Gendebien1. 1GIGA Neurosciences, University of Liège, Belgium; 2GI

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