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"t wsv ft r VS V. I i f y JUMP T li. ' t . V - - I J. .,s VIWeWWWIWNUWWMMWetlMWWWIIBWBW k , , ymvv?,m?x$$xxttlitMMMwmmp H Bright Ads. 'Are the Best Cure For VTEAMER TAIL!. ArrFrom San Francisco! Mongolia Aug. 2 It's an III wind Sonoma,. Aug. 3 that keepi a fellow chasing For San Francisco: Bulletin a new straw hat.Doric July 31 vening oVentura Aug. 2 WrB, 1 A A GOOD AD. WILL CHA8EFrom Vancouvtr: .e bi UP BUSINE8S AND GET IT.Aorangt July 30 f. For Vancouver: Manuka Aug. 24 WJKJWIWttJNNWKtf 3:30 O'CLOCK DULL TRADE EDITION 'ftVffraMtiSQrdKrotgXK Vol. XVI. No. 2834 HONOLULU, TERRITOltr OF HAWAII, THUHSDAY. AUOUST 4, 1004, Phiob 5 Cunts BOOTY OF GOLD i 42 TON8 w IF TRUE STORY The cablo dispatch rccetrcd this tiiornlng stating that the Japanese forces had found $23,000,000 In an abandoned Russian camp, has set some-o- the Honolulu cxpertB at flgurcs to work. They figured that such a quan- tity of coin would fill 1250 boxes such n nro used In the Importation of gold coin from the coast by the local banks. Ono of theso boxes is about all one man can handlo and more than ho can carry very far without wishing to rest The nllogcd find In tho abandoned Russian camp would weigh In the neighborhood of 83,000 pounds avoir- dupois, or about 42 tons. The booty, If divided up Into fifty-pou- packs, would require a regiment of 1C8Q men to carry or It loaded Into carts carrying 1000 pounds each, wortd make a procession nearly a quarter .of n mile long. PILOTS ID WORK The Monster liner Mongolia was brought Into tho Naval sIId No. 1 In excellent order. In splto of the tro-- J niendous slzo of the vessel and tho fact that the transport Dlx's bow was some-- , what In the way the vessel was taken niongtlde her berth without the slight- est Indication of difficulty. Pilot y, who guided tho vessel, deserves much credit for his excellent perform- ance. majt mm Kappelmelster Berger, of the Tcr-ittor- Rand of Hawaii enjoys a birth- day once a year and today Is his six- tie

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