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Weekly satellite sea surface temperature around Corsica, a DINEOF analysis of AVHRR data (1998), foreseeing comparison with interpolated and modelled fields.

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Providing wide coverage and high spatio-temporal resolution, SST satellite archives are valuable sources of information for sound understanding of the ocean dynamics, including validation of hydrodynamical modelling studies. Yet original SST fields have also many gaps (clouds, retrieval problems), but they are known to exhibit strong spatial and temporal correlations for regions of similar dynamics. This is exploited by the parameter free statistical technique DINEOF (Data Interpolation with Empirical Orthogonal Functions) [Alvera-Azcárate et al. (2005) Ocean Modell.; Beckers et al. (2006) Ocean Sciences] to produce full weekly analysis of the variability of the sea surface temperature (SST) around Corsica and in the Ligurian Sea at weekly temporal resolution during the year 1998. A detection of outliers implemented in DINEOF analysis is tested for pointing out unusual or invalid SST data. This study is realised foreseeing a comparison of DINEOF weekly averaged reconstructed fields with those obtained by interpolating methods on the same dataset (Data Interpolating Variationnal Analysis and Optimal Interpolation schemes), and with outputs of an implementation of the GHER 3D model in this area.

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