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컴퓨터 미디어와 컨조인트 분석방법을 이용하여

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  • 아파트 평면구성
  • 평면유형선호
  • 컴퓨터 미디어
  • 컨조인트 분석
  • Poe
  • Computer Media
  • New Apartment Complex
  • Design


This study was intended to grasp the housing unit plan which the residents preferred. The subjects were 100 housewives who lived in 85㎡ sized housing units in the New Apartment Complex, Gimhae. First, four elements of unit plan were selected on the basis fo the results of the POE which was carried out for the same subject : the size of master bedroom and livingroom, the openness of dining/kitchen from living room, the openness of living room from entrance, and whether or not a bathtub or a shower booth is in bathroom. Then, eight design alternatives of unit plan made by combination of these four elements according to orthoplan were visualized by computer media. This visualized tool was used for collecting data. The results of the study were as follows: The important determinants of the residents' preferences for unit plan were the size of master bedroom and living room and the openness of living room from entrance. The residents preferred the unit plan which living room was large and the view from living room th dining/kitchen was open. Also, the important elements were different according to the characteristics of the residents. Therefore, the housing alternatives which are flexible and optional would be desirable..

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