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Jokin Zaitegiren poesia

Anuario del Seminario de Filología Vasca "Julio de Urquijo"
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In the year 1946, Jokin Zaitegi published the book of poems Goldaketan, through the publishing company “Pizkunde Euskal-Argitaratzallea” in Bolibar Irarkola in Mexico. This same publishing company had published Urrundik. Bake-oroi by Monzon and it would publish in the future Sopokel’en antzerkiak and Bidalien Egiñak by Zaitegi, Urrundik. (Guda oroi), also by Monzon, the translation of a work by Benavente, Abere indarra (Brute Force), written by Ibinagabeitia, another of Zaitegi’s works titled Parantze’ko Elertiaren Edestia, and Gernika’tik Berlin zear New York’era and Euzkadi’ren Edestia by Jose Antonio Agirre.As can be seen, it was a very special place in exile at a time when the Basque literary system was in a critical condition. That printer was the meeting place for the experts in Basque culture and Basque literature, and it was especially engaged in carrying out Zaitegi’s literary projects.

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