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Kesetiaan Kepada Organisasi dan kaitannya Dengan Kualiti Kehidupan Kerja di Kalangan Pembantu Pelancong di Pusat Penerangan Pelancongan Tourism Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

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  • Hd58.7 Organizational Behavior.
  • Economics


The study is conducted with an objective to examine the level of loyalty and commitment by the tourist assistant to their organisation. Besides that its also intends to experiment the correlation between the demographic factors which consits an elements of sexual, age, marital status, academic qualification, length of service and the quality of work life elements such as career expansion, benefit gains, rewards from organisation, opportunity obtains from job function and competition to career development from outside scope of work, have influence respondents sense of loyalty to the organisation. Respondents of the study are permanent and temporary tourist assistants that based in Kuala Lumpur. Five tourist information centres namely Pusat Penerangan Pelancongan Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra, Pusat Penerangan Pelancongan Plaza Putra, Pusat Penerangan Pelancongan Jalan Ampang, Pusat Penerangan Pelancongan Stesen Keretapi Kuala Lumpur and Pusat Penerangan Pelancongan Balai Ketibaan KLlA involved in the study. The area of the study is selected based on the popularity of Kuala Lumpur as a tourist attraction. Qualitative method applies in this study. All datas are collected via interviews with respective respondents and later manually process. Out of the thirty respondents, twelve respondents are permanent staffs whereas the other eighteen staffs are in temporary job employment. Three respondents are males whereas the balance of twenty seven respondents are females. Results of the study shown that temporary job status as a tourist assistant is the main element that a full loyalty cannot be extended to organisation. As such an element of career development is significant to this context of study. However others elements as above have also play an important role when measurement of loyalty is concerned.

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