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Single-nucleotide polymorphism versus microsatellite markers in a combined linkage and segregation analysis of a quantitative trait

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Increasingly, single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers are being used in preference to microsatellite markers. However, methods developed for microsatellites may be problematic when applied to SNP markers. We evaluated the results of using SNPs vs. microsatellites in Monte Carlo Markov chain (MCMC) oligogenic combined segregation and linkage analysis methods. These methods were developed with microsatellite markers in mind. We selected chromosome 7 from the Collaborative Study on the Genetics of Alcoholism dataset for analysis because linkage to an electrophysiological trait had been reported there. We found linkage in the same region of chromosome 7 with the Affymetrix SNP data, the Illumina SNP data, and the microsatellite marker data. The MCMC sampler appears to mix with both types of data. The sampler implemented in this MCMC oligogenic combined segregation and linkage analysis appears to handle SNP data as well as microsatellite data and it is possible that the localizations with the SNP data are better.

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