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Journal of Coastal Research


Journal of Coastal Research Fort Lauderdale, Florida Winter 1995 ,llf""II:. t!EIrl -:..: ., NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES Post Office Box 490 Ocean Springs, Mississippi 39566-0490 (601) 875-1621 Wetlands, Inc. is "The Wetlands Company" for a variety of professional services. Our environ- mental consulting is based upon over 25 years experience with all aspects of wetlands ranging from federal regulatory guidelines to scientific ap- plications in the field. If you have a wetlands related problem or need environmental assistance, contact us for the high- est quality professional service. Some of our areas of expertise and services are listed below. Lionel N. Eleuterius, PhD 1. Wetlands/environmental permitting assis- tance 2. Wetlands design and planning reports 3. Wetlands mitigation: planning and assistance 4. New wetlands building/construction projects 5. Environmental Impact Statements 6. Wetland evaluations/assessments 7. Site consultation 8. Wetland mapping/delineations 9. Natural resource/protected species/wildlife- inventories 10. Wetland monitoring/scientific investigations 11. Environmental land planning assistance 12. Real estate site assessments/pre-purchase au- dits Areas of specialization: 1. seagrass 2. tidal salt marsh 3. pine savannah 4. sand beaches ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND SERVICES Post Office Box 490 Ocean Springs, MS 39566-0490 (601) 875-1621 CORPORATE PROFILE SUMMARY Research: Scientific investigations including field studies, literature searches, data analysis, infor- mation synthesis, and report preparation. Expe- rienced in basic and applied research. Specialized in aquatic and wetland plant biology and plant ecology especially tidal salt marshes, seagrass communities, pine savannas, pitcherplant bogs, forested wetlands including hardwood, cypress, and white cedar swamps. Also riverine and coastal freshwater floating and submerged aquatics. Bo- tanical processes and ecological function. Exper- imental studies. Greenhouse an

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