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Cáncer de cuello uterino: análisis de la calidad de un programa

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  • Câncer Cervical
  • Saúde Pública
  • Promoção
  • Prevenção (Fonte: Decs
  • Bireme).
  • Cervical Cancer
  • Public Health
  • Promotion
  • Prevention (Source: Decs
  • Bireme).
  • Cáncer De Cuello Uterino
  • Salud Pública
  • Promoción
  • Prevención (Fuente: Decs
  • Bireme).
  • Economics
  • Medicine


Objective: an evaluation of the quality of a cervical cancer early detection and control program being applied at a health care unit operated by Empresa Social del Estado Metrosalud, a public hospital network in Medellín (Colombia) during 2006-2008. Methodology: a transversal descriptive study conducted pursuant to the health program evaluation method proposed by Dr. Avedis Donabediam, specifically the components related to problem, structure, processes and results, based on different information gathering techniques. A univariate and bivariate descriptive statistical analysis of texts was done, as was a qualitative analysis. Results: Although cervical cancer is considered a public health problem, there is no structured program for intervention. The activities center on detection and prevention. In general, the human, physical, material and economic resources required to develop them are available. Most of the activities are carried out by the nurse’s aide, while the physician orders treatment and refers users to other levels within the service network. All users acknowledge the importance of the program and the majority expressed satisfaction with the care and attention they receive. Conclusions: Every component of the cervical cancer early detection and control program needs to be reinforced in the interest of greater efficiency and effectiveness, so as to have more of an impact on women’s health by reducing morbility and morbidity attributed to this type of cancer. It is important to rescue the concept of comprehensiveness, since a public health program must be state policy and its development must be a commitment assumed by all concerned.

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