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Yonder Mountain String Band Live at The Parish, House of Blues on 2002-01-19

Mike Falcon
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Disc #1 1) High on a Hilltop 2) Easy as Pie 3) Sharecropper's Son, If You're Ever Gonna Love Me 4) Musta Had Your Reasons 5) Spanish Harlem Incident 6) Darling One (new Jeff tune) 7) The New Ben Tune (sounds like a Hartford Tune) 8) Another Day (new Adam tune) 9) Freeborn Man>High Cross Junction>Don't Stop Till You Get Enough>Freeborn Man Disc #2 1) Little Rabbit 2) Old Plank Road 3) Howard High Blues 4) 8 Cylinders 5) Don't Let Your Deal Go Down 6) Armadillo Breakdown 7) Steampowered Aeroplane 8) Mother's Only Son 9) Molly & Tenbrooks 10) Granny Disc #3 1) Boatman 2) Dawn's Early Light 3) Reuben & Charise 4) No Expectations Encore 5) Jeff talks 6) Ramblin in the Rambler>Crazy Vocal Scat*>Rambler * A completely off the hook acoustic funk with Jeff scatting vocals over the top :)

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