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Letter from Louis Dienes to Joshua Lederberg

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August 3 1, 1956 Dear Dr. Dimes: Thank you fi;r JWUX letter of the 29th3 and ti mu, I am looking for- n:trd to mee+&g Dr. Sharp: would you ask him to call me at hams (Cedar-3- 2968) when he arrives, or let us know where we can pick him up? Since L mote to you before, I have been learning more ano more, as from reading and re-reading your papers as from new experiments. It is obvious to me now that protoplasts are the initial large bodies, the starting point of the L gro;yth cycle. (I wish I had as &ear a grasp of this whsn I wrote that paperb) I have also been able to achieve esseati:rlly q,antitative yislda:of L colonies, both from E. coli K-l.2 and from Proteus 52iW when bacteria are inoculated into soft nutrient agar + penicillin + Mg + sucrose. The auaroae is c&uite essential for this effioiency; it doubtless serves the SW function as your 3.5% MaC1,$ though I think more effecCivsig. However, X have had very limited success so far in propagating the L-colonies further & still have to work this out. I have aause @ tierline lines 9-12, page 539 of your 1949 paper on Proteus! Hapraver, in my own f:iltering way9 I am learning soms of your triaks- hopin& of murse, to be able +A extend therp to rnJ7 o~lrn f;ivorite strzins. Unfortunatel:r, I have not been able to obtain a flosting grwth even with aevsrsl trials on Proteus 52: it seema !iUite possible that the strain has beooiltu less apt during storage here, and I would therefor-; reneT! my re ;uest for the bacterial culture and iror a floating grosth. It seems likely;, ds I rum sure you have in mind, that th3 flo3ting growth is a ;mss which furnishes itself the re:.u&&s physical conditicns for orclifsr+&on. u__-.- I hrm mzdeca fe-9 otserwaticm cn slide oultures; thsso snggest that the mode of [email protected] of the initial L colony is by budding of the protoplaat. Are there any direct microsco&& observations of the role of minute gmnules in proliferation? In retrospect, Klieneberger'a observa

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