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Interaction of elongation factor 1 with aminoacylated brome mosaic virus and tRNA's.

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Tyrosylated Brome mosaic virus RNA was found to interact with a binary complex of wheat germ, elongation factor 1 and [3H]GTP. Increasing amounts of the aminoacylated viral RNA proportionately reduced radioactivity bound to a nitrocellulose filter, as has previously been noted by others for the charged forms of tobacco mosaic virus, turnip yellow mosaic virus, and tRNA's. However, Sephadex chromatography of the products showed that instead of forming the ternary complex elongation factor-GTP-aminoacyl RNA, the viral RNA caused release of GTP from its complex with elongation factor. Acetylated tyrosyl Brome mosaic virus RNA did not react with the binary complex,and only a slight degree, if any, of stabilization of tyrosine bound to viral RNA was observed after interaction with elongation factor 1. Although such interactions are similar to the reaction of elongation factor with aminoacyl-tRNA , the release of GTP is different and accentuates the possible role for aminoacylation in transcription rather than in translation events.

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