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Teenage housing tenure and neighbourhoods and the links with adult outcomes: evidence from the 1970 cohort study

Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion, London School of Economics and Political Science
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1 TEENAGE HOUSING TENURE AND NEIGHBOURHOODS AND THE LINKS WITH ADULT OUTCOMES: EVIDENCE FROM THE 1970 COHORT STUDY CASEreport 64 January 2011 Rebecca Tunstall, Ruth Lupton, Dylan Kneale and Andrew Jenkins 2 Acknowledgements This work was funded by the Homes and Communities Agency and the Tenant Services Authority. It is one of a pair produced at the same time. The other report, which uses the Millennium Cohort Study, can be found at As members of the project steering group, Kurshida Mirza (HCA), Jim Bennett (HCA), and Phil Miles (TSA) gave valuable feedback on results and early drafts. Stephen Muers (HCA) also provided helpful guidance and ideas, and Abigail McKnight (LSE) provided guidance on methods and presentation. We would also like to thank colleagues at the Centre for Longitudinal Studies at the Institute of Education, including Jon Johnson and Peter Shepherd, who assisted in linking cohort data to neighbourhoods, and Anna Tamas of CASE, who prepared the text. Note The views expressed in this report are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the Homes and Communities Agency and the Tenant Services Authority. 3 Contents Summary 4 Introduction 7 Aims and approach 7 Data and methods 7 Teenage housing and neighbourhoods in 1986 and adult outcomes in 2004 11 Teenager’s housing tenure 11 The relationship between teenage housing tenure and outcomes at age 34 14 Teenage neighbourhoods and the relationship with adult outcomes 24 Discussion and conclusions 33 Comparing tenures 33 Neighbourhoods and neighbourhood effects 33 Implications for today’s children and their housing and neighbourhoods 34 References 35 Appendices 36 Appendix 1: Methods: Sample

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