Low cytosine triphosphate synthase 2 expression renders resistance to 5-fluorouracil in colorectal cancer

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Low cytosine triphosphate synthase 2 expression renders resistance to 5-fluorouracil in colorectal cancer

  • Metabolism
  • Here
  • 008)
  • 003)
  • Understanding The Determinants Of Resistance Of 5-Fluorouracil (5Fu) Is Of Significant Value To Opti
  • And Introducing Novel Agents And Treatment Strategies
  • The Expression Of 92 Genes Involved In 5Fu Transport
  • Co-Factor (Folate) Metabolism And Downstream Effects Was Measured By Real-Time Pcr Low Density Array
  • Candidate Gene Function Was Tested By Sirna And Uridine Modulation
  • And Immunoblotting
  • Apoptosis And Cell Cycle Analysis
  • Predictive Significance Was Tested By Immunohistochemistry Of Tumors From 125 Stage Iii Colorectal C
  • Of 8 Genes Significantly Differentially Expressed Between 5Fu Sensitive And Resistant Xenograft Tumo
  • Ctps2 Was The Gene With The Highest Probability Of Differential Expression (P = 0
  • Reduction Of Ctps2 Expression By Sirna Increased The Resistance Of Colorectal Cancer Cell Lines Dld1
  • Fudr
  • Ctps2 Sirna Significantly Reduced Cell S-Phase Accumulation And Apoptosis Following 5Fu Treatment
  • Exposure Of Cells To Uridine
  • A Precursor To The Ctps2 Substrate Uridine Triphosphate
  • Also Increased 5Fu Resistance
  • Patients With Low Ctps2 Did Not Gain A Survival Benefit From 5Fu Treatment (P = 0
  • 072)
  • While Those With High Expression Did (P = 0
  • Low Ctps2 Expression May Be A Rationally-Based Determinant Of 5Fu Resistance


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