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Comparison of pollution load transport evaluation methods

Croatian association of civil engineers
Publication Date
  • Pronos Onečošćenja (Teret)
  • Metodologija Proračuna
  • Profil Odotoka
  • Sliv Rijeke Kupe
  • Usporedba Rezultata
  • Pollution Load Transport
  • Calculation Methodology
  • Watercourse Profile
  • The Kupa River Drainage Basin
  • Comparison Of Results


The paper starts with statement that the problem of proper evaluation of waterborne pollution load is increasingly encountered in the water management practice. The authors caution that the calculation methodology must be selected with great care so that its results can be used as basis for making good quality decisions. Most common load calculation methods are compared using the Kupa river drainage basin as an example. Calculation results are compared according to different methods, and suitability of individual methods for practical use is considered.

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