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  • Qa75 Electronic Computers. Computer Science
  • Qa76 Computer Software


Call Centre is a place of information that centralized is used to receiving incoming calls and provides related information to the customer. Call Centre typically run by companies that have information services that support the improvement of products and receive information from customers. Call Centre operated as a scope of work undertaken by a number of agent or costumer representative. Now many companies abroad to develop Call Centre associated with computers and LAN networks. This technology is called VoIP network (Voice over Internet Protocol). In this final project created a system that can distributes incoming call from a customer to call center. This system will accommodate all the incoming phone call into an IP PBX server. In the IP PBX IVR servers have features that will answer the call automatically and features advance call distributions that will distribute calls to active agents. From the result of this final project, IVR system has worked well, where average execution time in accessing a menu option is 4- 5 seconds. To access the information services provided takes 7-8 seconds. In the implementation of ACD system with four methods obtained the average execution time - the average for each method is Round Robin method at 7:45 seconds, Fewest Calls method amounting to 2.2 seconds, Round Robin Memor method for 6.8 seconds and the last method Least Recent for 2 seconds. Of the four methods of ACD, Least Recent method has the fastest execution time than the other methods. Test results obtained by 60% of respondents gave a good assessment for the system that has been built and as many as 30% of respondents choose Least Recent method as the best method it can be applied in Call Center. Keywords: Asterisk, IVR, ACD, Roundrobin, Fewest Calls, Round Robin Memory, Least Recent

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