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Splinter Cell (GCN) - 1:32:16 - Tim Bright

Tim Bright
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  • Splinter Cell
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Speed run of Splinter Cell for GameCube in 22 segments completed on August 30 2005. Author's comments: This run is of Splinter Cell for the GameCube. This was my second attempt at a speed run for this game. In order to obtain the fastest time possible, I memorized all codes and used various tricks created by me. Due to the segmenting, you should rarely find large mistakes. The reason I left some in was because I only noticed them later, and going back to redo a certain segment would require that I not only do it perfect (If it were longer it would cut into the next segment), but also match the bullet and blood count. That and the fact that I had already pulled the tab made me keep them. Training: This level, despite being the first, is actually quite hard to obtain a good segment for due to having to do everything nearly perfect. When Lambert talks, chances are, you can't move, which wastes a lot of time. This fact is what makes my final trick in the first segment so impressive. I almost left it out because I do it so inconsistently, but luckily I got a good one on tape. There is a way to skip the first camera section by not shooting out the lights, but I've only done it once. Since his is just training, bit is relatively boring. Police Station: Most of the guards early on are very 'stupid', as you'll notice with the guy on the phone whom I just run past. I'm not quite sure how I got stuck on the wall, as most other games would slide you out in a situation like that. I get the First Aids just because I needed to wait for the guard to come through the gate that the computer opened. I jumped too far off the dumpster, but that usually happens so I let it go. While going up the stairs in the final part, I thought the roll was pretty cool, but when going back down, the faulty game mechanics got me stuck between the wall and the officer. Defense Ministry: Unfortunately, you are not allowed to set off any alarms in this level, making hiding bodies a must. For some reason, I have trouble getting into vents because Sam doesn't like to grab it (not shown in the run). After waiting for the colonel, you must then sit and wait again for the elevator conversation. As soon as the talking ceases, I run for the exit, and some how trigger an alarm. Not sure what it was because I had already turned off the laser system. A bit later, after riding up the elevator, someone finds one killed guard, but not the other, despite the fact that they're right next each other. Kind of makes you think Oil Refinery: This is my second favorite level. It is so short and easy that I did it in a single segment. One of the biggest time savers here was jumping off the side of the rig to the pipes, then back up. It saves the long pole hang, plus gets you to the right rail. Not much to comment on here except what was going on when I was just hanging from the pole. I could either sit and wait for the people to talk and then go for the pipe, or just run to the pipe and play with the camera. Naturally I chose the latter. The glass is impervious to Sam's bullets, so you're forced to wait. CIA HQ: This level is the main reason why I didn't do a run of it for so many years. I could never get past the storage room, because the alerted guard kept killing me. Now, I just thrash through that room and knock out the guard before he even gets close to the Alarm. Speaking of Alarms, now would probably be a good time to tell you that when an alarm goes off, the keypads no longer work, so they want to be avoided at all costs, unless you have enough time to out run the alarm. The second roll of the second part was strategically placed so that the guard would go to the noise, and I could move on with out hesitation. Is it just me or does it look like George bush in Dougherty's room? How did they know? (game takes place in 2004, made in 2001 or something). I fail to sneak past the two guards, but I still make it out ok. Kalinatek and Chinese Embassy I: I HATE these levels, therefore I'll be brief. In order to skip the Ivan cut scene, I didn't kill the two guards (not sure how that worked out). The top floor of Kalinatek is pretty fun. The best thing to do during the Chinese Embassy level is just to run, and that's what I did. The final conversations lasts way too long IMO. Abattoir: I run through the minefields without the goggles, and use the dumpsters as safe ground. The Rat on the Roof trick worked nicely, and the gathering of the mines went well. I run past all the turrets in the freezer, then roll past them in the dungeon. Killing Grinko is definitely the highlight of this segment. The scene ran very smoothly, as every mine exploded on cue, and I finished off Grinko with a frag grenade (a spur of the moment decision). Chinese Embassy: Basically, everything went well, especially the first two parts. The only thing worth mentioning here is the fact that I entered a key code for a door that was already opened. I didn't even notice it until after I re -watched the tape because I was so used to just running to the door and punching it in that I didn't think to look. Presidential Palace: I did the entire level in one segment, as it is incredibly fun (I didn't want to stop), and I feared that I would run out of tape if had to record all the loading screens. The first part was great; the lasers literally let me keep going, and the courtyard was especially good. I basically get all first aids in the level, and use them all. However, Each one used or picked up throughout the game is basically wasted time, but it's slower to 'look before you leap' and keep up your health that way. In this level, you get three alarm warnings, so you might as well use them. If your fast enough in the study, you can run back and forth through the lasers and only have it count as one. For some reason, the guard through the door ran past me on the final part, and I turned around to make sure he wasn't going to shoot me from behind. The final stretch till the end couldn't have gone any better. If you have any questions or comments relating to this run, please IM me at Leprachaunboy04 on AIM.

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