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UK Commission’s employer skills survey 2011 : UK results

UK Commission for Employment and Skills
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Evidence Report 45 May 2012 UK Commission’s Employer Skills Survey 2011: UK Results Header title here… UK Commission’s Employer Skills Survey 2011: UK Results Ben Davies, Katie Gore, Jan Shury, David Vivian, Mark Winterbotham IFF Research Dr Susannah Constable Senior Manager UK Commission for Employment and Skills May 2012 UK Commission‟s Employer Skills Survey 2011: UK Results Foreword Jeremy Anderson CBE Commissioner and Chairman of Global Financial Services for KPMG Businesses in the UK today face both opportunities and threats. Regardless of their size, they are impacted by globalisation, the global economic climate, on-going technological developments, funding challenges, the domestic and European squeeze on consumption and ever changing consumer demands. In any fast changing environment the ability of people to adapt, innovate, enter new markets and be ever more productive is essential. We cannot return the UK economy to positive growth and global competitiveness without the unique actions of highly trained and skilled people. Realising the full potential of the UK workforce is one key to enabling businesses to innovate and improve, to exploit new technological developments and emerging markets, and to ensure UK businesses can achieve real business improvements to compete on the global, European and domestic stages. Today too many businesses lack the skilled people they need; this poses serious risks to the health and survival of their business and to bottom line performance. This is not a new phenomenon and such deficiencies have persisted over time in some sectors. But now, at a time when many new economies have “emerged” and are building their skills base at least as fast as the UK, we have to take decisive action. It is important that investment in skills is done wisely and effectively, with clear frameworks within a

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