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Cigarette secrets.

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- e physician as an official medical specializa- tion in Poland. A decision on this is expected this year. The entire EPS is managed by an oper- ational course director and evaluated regu- larly by the International Steering Com- mittee, composed of representatives from WHO, the National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection in Bilthoven, the Institute of Preventive Medicine in Leiden, the Polish Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, local authori- ties of the Katowice Province, the Silesian Medical University, and other institutions. The program is funded by the Polish gov- ernment and the WHO European Centre for Environment and Health. The EPS, as the first post-graduate course in environmental health in Central and Eastern Europe, will provide the expe- rience and knowledge necessary for future training not only in Poland but in other countries in the region. Said Sokal, "We are convinced that our fruitful cooperation with the WHO-ECEH within this project, as well as the assistance and guidance pro- vided by our Dutch colleagues, will lead to successful accomplishment of this impor- tant activity." Cigarette Secrets As the confrontation between Congress and the nation's tobacco companies heats up over alleged manipulation of addictive nicotine in cigarettes, the issue of possibly toxic chemical additives simmers alongside. Tobacco companies have used additives to Mining for doctors. A new environmental physicians program in Poland puts theory into practice by training doctors to treat environ mental health problems. enhance cigarette flavor lost when tar has been lowered. This spring, the tobacco companies made public, for the first time, some 599 chemicals used to process or flavor ciga- rettes. Tobacco smoke, which contains about 4000 components, is known to con- tain at least 50 carcinogens, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer. Cigarette additives may add to this list. The additives list made public is "essentially the same" as the secr

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