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Social Studies Education: An Imperative for the Promotion of Cultural Values for National Integration in Nigeria.

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Nigeria is a nation of many ethnic groups with diverse cultures. Such cultures could be seen in the aspects of religion, languages, dressing, types of food consumed, marriages, housing, occupation and so on. The cultural values of the country have become a matter of concern since the development of any society is rooted in what the members of such a society cherished or frown at. For instance, the cultural values which are cherished in the country are basically focused on enhancing human dignity. Such values include discipline, integrity, dignity of labour, social justice, religious tolerance, self-reliance and patriotism. These cultural values are clearly spelt out in the National Philosophy as a measure to ensure rapid integration of the nation. It is believed that any group of people that could not promote their values will surely have a problem of development. In Nigeria, Social Studies Education was conceived as a subject to help heal the wounds of the civil war, ethnicity, ethnocentrism, social and political problems, and to promote culture and national integration, co-operation, good citizenship, among others using the instrument of school(Ezegbe,1988). This paper therefore examines the concept of culture and cultural values, national integration, concept of Social Studies Education. It also highlighted the place of Social Studies Education in the promotion of cultural values and national integration. The paper concluded by stating that, Nigerian’s respect for each other’s cultural characteristics will foster national integration in the country. Recommendations were made with a view to making Nigerian cultural values to be properly imparted to the learners through Social Studies Education.

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