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vfj30c1.tmp — NEWt IFILE BEGINS MAuuuD ZU77Z “ USA “ C-iD t ) 249-011 B Wisconsin Regional Medical Progrzm RM 00037 — JULY/.MKUST1974 RIW’133\’: This applicationrequests$9’20,957for the supportof twenty-three new projectactivities. The RegionalAd\’isoryGrouprevieweda total of 25 applications,and approveda totalof 23 for submissionto DRMP. The currentapplicationdescribesa methodologyby which the region intendsto pursuecertainactivities. There are no clearlydefinedgoals and objectiveswhich relateto the provisionof IiealthCare Servicesfor . the resider~tsof the Stateof I\Tisconsin,or to which programactivities ~ relate. r The applicationincludes(XP comments. One proposalwas not endorsedby . one CW “b” agency,s~veralothersreceivednegativecommentsof a technicalnature. There is no informationas to the RAG’s consideration on the negativecomnents. oD/DRMP/7-15-74 “ July CommitteeReco*endation Critique: . ,... . . . WISCONSINREGIO,NALMEDICALPROGRAM RM 00037 — MAY/JUNE1974 REVIEW E$!.L& $4,577,325 Committee Recommendation: $2,000,000 OverallAssessmentby IndividualReviewers: Critique: Average > . The reviewersnoted that this regionhavinghad a very illustriouspast ~~ . history,is now in a crisisof leadership. With the exceptionof the ProgramCoordinator, most of the presentprogramstaffmembersare new. The reviewersfoundlittleevidencethat the RAG has accomplishedmuch duringthe past year, althgughpast performancehad been quite good. CKP relationshipsas in the past are still good overallobjectivesand prioritiesaie The proposalrepresentsa seriesof poorly conceived,fragmentedprojectactivities,some researchin nature,others (suchas mentalhealth,etc.) not in keepingwith the usual DRNP goals and may be inappropriatefor funding. Except for the evidenceof past performance,thereis littleevaluationof what is currently goingon in the region. JULY/AUGUSTREVIEW EstimatedRequestas of May 1974: $2,500,000 ‘ . SCOB/DRMP 6/6/74 ------ . --------- ---------------

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