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A new methodology for designing PD controllers

Cambridge University Press
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It is known that it is impossible to select fixed gains for a PD controller that will critically damp the response to disturbances for all configurations of a given robot system. Because of this the potential for overshoot is always present and cannot be avoided unless the system is severely overdamped. This is not necessarily a practical solution and can be an economically unacceptable approach. On the other hand, however, if overshoot is permissible to some degree for some systems in the case of conventional Serial robots it is still prohibited in the case of Parallel robots as it may easily bring the robot to one of its possible singular configurations, causing damage to the system. This paper introduces a new algorithm for the design of PD controllers that ensures uniform and fast dynamic responses, which are free from overshoots for all robot configurations. The technique also satisfies general stability requirements for the system.

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