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Establishment of a Court of First Instance. Preliminary guidelines adopted by the Commission for the preparation of an opinion on the pProposal put forward by the Court of Justice for a Council Decision establishing a Court of First Instance (CFI) and amending the Statutes of the Court of Justice. SEC (88) 1121 final, 20 July 1988

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COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES SECC88) 1121 Final Brussels, 20 July 1988 ESTABLISHMENT OF A COURT OF FIRST INSTANCE PRELIMINARY GUIDELINES ADOPTED BY THE COMMISSION FOR THE PREPARATION OF AN OPINION ON THE PROPOSAL PUT FORWARD BY THE COURT OF JUSTICE FOR A COUNCIL DECISION ESTABLISHING A COURT OF FIRST INSTANCE (CFI) AND AMENDING THE STATUTES OF THE COURT OF JUSTICE User Rectangle __,At c ' 4-t.f.·f OPINION OF THE COMMISSION ON THE DRAFT COUNCIL DECISION ESTABLISHING A COURT OF FIRST INSTANCE CCFI) AND AMENDING THE STATUTES OF THE COURT, DRAWN UP BY THE COURT OF JUSTICE 1. In the course of the consultation procedure agreed upon with the European Parliament, the Commission sent to that institution, and to the Council and the Court of Justice for their information, itf preliminary guidelines on the subject, adopted on 18 May 1988. 2. The present document, with the abovementioned guidelines, constitutes the Commission's opinion on the draft Council decision drawn up by the Court of Justice under Articles 32d of the ECSC Treaty, 168A of the EEC Treaty and 140A of the Euratom Treaty, the present document being intended to supplement and clarify those preliminary guidelines, and to adjust them where necessary. 3.1. In view of developments since the adoption of those guidelines and especially the debates in Parliament, the Commission wishes to supplement its observations on the following points: (i) the jurisdiction of the CFI, particularly as regards trade protection cases (point 5 below); Cii) the specialization of the chambers and of the members of the CFI (point 5); Ciii) a more technical question concerned with the definition of those decisions of the CFI that may form the subject of an appeal to the Court of Justice (point 6). 3.2. The Commission also wishes to draw attention again to the essential points in its guidelines on which it is fully in agreement with Parliament (point 7). 4. As regards actions brought by private p

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