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Regionalne razlike u stavovima pri izboru partnera suprotnoga spola

Institute for social research in Zagreb
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  • Religious Science


Based on results from a survey, the author analyzes the attitudes of the high school age group in SR Croatia to the selection of a partner from the opposite Special attention is given to the regional differences which are apparent in these attitudes. Answers to questions about the youth’s attitudes towards marriage using their parents as examples, and the youth’s attitudes about certain characteristics sought in the opposite sex are discussed. Differences in sex and regions were considered when attitudes towards marriage using their parents as examples were evaluated. The girls idealize their parent s marriage more than the boys, when thinking about their future marriage, this can be explained by the traditional position of the woman in marriage and tier interest in maintaining a stable marital union. Analysis of regional differences m icated two types of attitudes: urban (modern) which are characteristic for the Zagreb region, and traditional (rural) which are characteristic for the Dalmatian region. Attitudes about characteristics sought in the partner of the opposite sex polarized in a similar way. The young prefer a relationship built on mutual emotional contact to ensure the stability of relations between the sexes. The results also showed that readiness for sexual relations is not obligatory as is thought to be from the literature written about the sexual behaviour of the young. The young tend to prefer independence as a trait in a partner, which is specially emphasized in the urban type of behaviour. Coming from a good family, financial status, and religion in general are not particularly important. The attitudes of the traditional type indicated that the girl should be younger and attractive, while the boy older. Here the financial status and coming from a the girl, and she tolerates his attitude. The modern type, as mentioned, seeks independence as a quality. It is important that the girl as a partner is sexually inexperienced, while the boy should come from a good family, be older and already educated. The results presented may serve as a base for presenting a hypothesis in more extensive research.

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