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Spring 2001 4 Reporter OnLine at: In This Issue Program Report: Health Care 1 Research Summaries: Economic Growth and Financial Liberalization 8 The Globalization of Production 12 Efficiency and Equity in Education 15 NBER Profiles 20 Conferences 21 Bureau News 32 Bureau Books 43 Current Working Papers 44 WWW.NBER.ORG Our web site features a searchable index to over 5000 NBER Working Papers issued since 1978. It also includes searchable indexes to all NBER books and to all current NBER Research Associates and Faculty Research Fellows. In addition, our web site has the NBER Macroeconomic His- tory Database (3500 different time series), the Penn-World Tables of country data, and other items. *Garber ([email protected]) is Director of the NBER’s Program on Health Care and a professor of economics at Stanford University. Health Care Alan M. Garber* Managed care has brought with it numerous changes in health care deliv- ery and financing. These changes, and the shifts in incentives that they cre- ate, can have important effects on the structure of markets for health care delivery and ultimately for the types of health care delivered, its costs, and outcomes. Most analyses of managed care compare HMOs and other man- aged care plans to non-managed care plans. But as managed care becomes more prevalent, its impact on the structure and functioning of the health care system as a whole may become more important than differences across plans. In a body of work, Laurence C. Baker thus asks how managed care can bring about widespread effects on health care markets and health care deliv- ery. In two papers on health care spending,1 Baker finds that areas with high levels of HMO market share spent less on fee-for-service Medicare benefi- ciaries. Since prices for Medicare-covered services largely are fixed by regu- lation under Medicare’s Prospective Payment System and physician fee schedule, the lower expenditures probably reflect reductions in the in

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