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Who Cites What?

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Microsoft Word - DP 442 Titles.doc CENTRE FOR ECONOMIC POLICY RESEARCH Australian National University DISCUSSION PAPERS WHO CITES WHAT? Kenneth W Clements and Patricia Wang* . Discussion Paper No. 442 December 2001 ISSN: 1442-8636 ISBN: 0 7315 3512 X * Ken Clements and Patricia Wang: Economic Research Centre, Department of Economics, The University of Western Australia. Acknowledgement For their help, we would like to acknowledge John Cordery, Mel Davies, Delia Hendrie, Mark Holub, Charles Mulvey, Lucy Peachey, Vitaly Pershin, Alan Powell, Abu Siddique, Jan Smith and Sue Turner, as well as a number of Australian economists who provided advice on their institutional affiliations over the 1990s. Yihui Lan provided excellent research assistance. We have also benefited from helpful discussions with and comments by Peter Kenyon, Michael McAleer, Paul Miller and MoonJoong Tcha, as well as seminar participants at Monash and UWA. An earlier version of this paper was presented at the conference honouring Alan Powell, Monash University, June 2001. This research was financed in part by the Department of Economics, UWA. ii CONTENTS Page Abstract iii 1. INTRODUCTION 1 2. THE PHD PAPERS 4 3. WHAT IS CITED? 12 4. CITERS, CITEES AND CITIES 19 5. THE MOST CITED 26 6. THE AGE OF CITATIONS 34 7. CONCLUDING COMMENTS 39 APPENDIX 41 REFERENCES 45 iii ABSTRACT PhD students have the talent and incentives to identify important, emerging areas in their research. As many of these students will go on to academic careers, this paper uses the citations patterns embodied in their research as a possible leading indicator of what the future may hold in economics and business. We identify areas, articles and authors that PhD students judge to be important and analyse intriguing empirical regularities regarding the citation of Australian publicatio

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