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The Control of Foot-Ball Injuries

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206 YALE JOURNAL OF BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE of prehistoric peoples, the evolutionary history of man, including the evolution of his special attributes, the characteristics and subdivisions of the three great races of man and their movements and dispersal. The appendix contains a chronologic table of the movements of man, of the geologic epochs and culture periods and a glossary. Without this glos- sary the lay reader would be seriously handicapped by technical terms. The illustrations are numerous and interesting. Some of the statements are more dogmatic than controversial subjects admit, but this is probably necessary in such a brief account. A list for further reading is a valuable addition. H. B. FERRIS. THE CONTROL OF FOOT-BALL INJURIES. By Marvin A. Stevens, M.D., and Winthrop M. Phelps, M.D. A. S. Barnes & Co., New York. While there is no doubt that an over-zealous press has much exaggerated the importance of injuries received in foot-ball, their incidence is sufficiently high to merit careful consideration. The various more common injuries are discussed. The actual mechan- isms of the trauma are illustrated in many instances by photographs selected from the films of Yale teams in actual play. The treatment and prognosis of these injuries are also discussed, but not in too great detail. The suggestions for the prevention of injury and infection of players are of particular value. It is pointed out that it is of utmost importance that players be well conditioned, and that tired athletes are the ones most fre- quently injured. It is also emphasized that players be taught various pro- tective procedures, such as the assumption of good tumbling positions when falling, keeping the arms close to the body, protecting the head and chest by crossed arms when blocking punts, tackling accurately well above flying heels and driving knees, and blocking with hips rather than with the more vulner- able flanks. Proper equipment of both physical plant and individual player are described. Illustratio

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