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A Hypermedia Tutoring for Multimedia Tasks

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  • Design
  • Education
  • Musicology


Using a computer or a software package involves procedural knowledge, or knowledge of a series of instructions. When a user recognizes the appropriate computer commands (the method) in acertain application, it is assumed that the user is capable of doing a computer-related or computeraided task. Based on this assumption, the current project explores methods of developing a computer tutoring system to convey know-how efficiently. The purpose of the project is to make novices familiar with machines and with techniques of handling multimedia for presenting design concepts. A teaching tool is designed that combines images, sounds, and movements to create an effective learning environment. The tool is a hypermedia system consisting of different software and hardware components implemented in the HyperCard. How to manipulate different media will be taught by means of cross-references, graphic display, text explanations, and background music. Hopefully, this project will suggest some useful methods for teaching CAD to novice computer users.

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