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Fracture Analysis on a 3 Point Bend Specimen by Cyclic Imapct Loading

Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/ING
Publication Date
  • Maskinteknik
  • Mechanical Engineering - Structural Mechanics
  • Mechanical Engineering - General
  • 3Pbs
  • Cyclic Impact
  • Stress Intensity Factor
  • Crack Initation
  • Facture Mechanics


A 3 Point Bend Specimen (3PBS) is modelled for a pre-cracked cushion spring and analyzed for different loading cases. A failure occurring due to fracture in the spring invites for a fracture analysis. An impacting load and a cyclic load are used for analysis. In this thesis work we emphasize our effort on theoretical modelling, analytical analysis and simulation in ABQUS. Stress intensity factor for different loading cases is compared and life cycle of material has been evaluated. The general criterion for how to choose the material is also discussed.

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