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Realization and calibration of a mobile laser system

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  • Univerzitetni Program Geodezija - Smer Geodezija
  • Design
  • Economics


The graduation thesis discusses the work on realizsation and calibration of an in-house developed mobile laser system as an equivalent to commercially available and much more expensive systems. A specialty of a tested mobile laser system is its integration of a terrestrial laser scanner in 2D line mode, which is primary not intended for mobile applications. The main emphasis is given to the calibration procedures of a combined group of connected sensors, especially the angular misalignment between the inertial measurement unit and laser scanners coordinate axes, known as the boresight alignment. All the data processing is conducted in a powerful software tool from RIEGL called RiPROCESS. Through the calibration procedures we can evaluate the overall relative and absolute accuracy of a tested mobile laser system and highlight its limitations as well as its utility. Some theoretical backgrounds on the calibration procedures are presented and are practically tested as well. Already at this stage the tested mobile laser system is an accurate and useful tool for data capturing however there is plenty of room for progress and improvement. In addition to purely theoretical aspect we examine the technical approach of designing a light/rigid platform and at the end we evaluate the economic aspect of the acquisition and use of such mobile laser system.

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