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Rethinking Community Psychology: Critical Insights

The College of Community Psychologists of the Australian Psychological Society
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  • 1701 Psychology
  • 970117 Expanding Knowledge In Psychology And Cognitive Sciences
  • Victoria Institute For Education
  • Diversity And Lifelong Learning
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At first sight there appear to be, international ly, many diverse, radica l, manifestations of community psychology. However, commun ity psychology has gradually become decreasingly diverse and decr easingly radical the more it has become academically and professionally established and evangelised and it is now endangered as a critical alternative to the disciplinary ideologies, theories, procedures and practices of mainstream psychology. As a consequence, the interests of people whose lives are most characterised by immiseration, suffering, social injustice and oppression are increasingly blighted and increasingly threatened. However, these reactionary developments were and are not inevitable and can be reversed by those collectively committed to community critical psychology.

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