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Study Of An ATM Switch With Support For Time Deterministic Communication

Melaka, Malaysia
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  • T Technology (General)
  • Tk Electrical Engineering. Electronics Nuclear Engineering


In a multiprocessor .or distributed real time system, a need t.o kn.ow the temporal behavi.or .of the system is sometimes .of maj.or c.oncern, mainly in the sense .of guaranteeing a maximum upper limit Gin delivery times f.or messages sent .one endpoint t.o an.other. This project makes a swvey .of current meth.ods f.or time deterministic delivery .of messages in a multiprocess.or .of distributed hard real-time environment and c.oncurrently tries t.o ad.opt a suitable architecture f.or an A TM (Asynchr.on.ous Transfer Made) switch that supports these meth.ods .of c.ommunicati.on. The switch architecture's must prominent feature is intended t.o be a l.ow implement cost. In .order t.o build large netw.orks .of c.omputati.onal units, running distributed applicati.ons, the c.ost .of the total implementati.on can grow very large. Therefore, a smaller architecture than traditi.onal A TM with will be processed that still is able t.o relay A TM traffic, in a time dleterministic manner.

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