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Preliminary draft supplementary and amending budget No. 2/1983. Statement by Mr. Christopher Tugendhat, Vice-President of the Commission of the European Communities, to the Budget Committee of the European Parliament on 5 July 1983 and to the plenary session on 6 July 1983

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untitled \- STATEMENT BY MR. CHPISTOPHER TUGENDHAT, VICE-PRtS1DENT OF TI:!E __ _ W1'HSSION a= lHE EURCfEAN CQYMJNITIES~ TO Tit BUD~T {l]'t\\11TTEE . Cf THE EURCFEAN PARL I A1'ENT ON lUESDAY 5 J.l Y 1 983 AND TO THE PLENARY SESSION ON h£Dt€SDAY 6 JJLY 1983 Preliminary draft supplementary and amending budyet No 2/1983 .. . ·1 I The Commlssion has been obliged to present a second prellmtnary draft supplementary and amending budget for 1983 involving additional commitment approprtattons of 2.442 Billion ECU and payment appropriations of 2.380 b1lllonEOJ. Thls 1s not a budget reflecting new policy choices bY the Comm1ss1on itself, It ls one which flows almost mechanicallY from decfs1ons already taken by the Council, The most slgn1flcant Items tn the budget are increased approprtat1ons for 'FEOGA Guarantee and for certa1n other measures accompanying the agricultural price decisions for 1983/84J urban renewal for Northern Ireland; expenditure arising from the r1sk-shartng element of the 26 October 1982 Councll agreementJ sol1dar1tY measures for the less prosperous Member States agreed upon at the same CounctlJ ~aid to PolandJ ar1 the financial protocols with a number of Mediterranean countries. In addition there are a number of technical adJustments which dertve tn the main from the fact tr t the Commission has~ 1n resoonse to Parliament's own past strictures~not this year proposed to the Budget AuthoritY any non-automatic transfers /from one budget ~· --·- User Rectangle - 2 - from one budget year to another. The effect of these proposals~ taken together wtth the ant1C1Pated mod1f1cat1ons to the CommunitY's revenues which w111 need to be made later this year~ ~111 1nvolve the full use tn 1983 of the ·whole 1% of potential VAT resources. The maJor element in thls budget 1s an increase in FEOGA Guarantee expenditure of 1811 MECU. . ' Thts increase 1s necessary both because the present credtts do not take account of the 1983/84 agricul

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