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Pin wheel 1 with pins a rotates about fixed axis A and periodically meshes with teeth d of sprocket 2 which rotates about fixed axis B. Pin wheel 1 has four symmetrically located concentric locking surfaces b and sprocket 2 has five symmetrically located concave locking surfaces e. When driving pin wheel 1 rotates continuously, driven sprocket 2 rotates intermittently with dwells. During the dwells, a locking surface b engages one of concave surfaces e to prevent unintentional rotation of sprocket 2. To each revolution of wheel 1, sprocket 2 turns through the angle ϕ₂=288°. A full cycle of operation of the mechanism corresponds to five revolutions of wheel 1. The profiles of teeth d of sprocket 2 are along curves which are equidistant to an epicycloid of a circle. The transmission ratio from wheel 1 to sprocket 2 during the rotation of the latter is i₁₂=r₂/r₁ where r₁ and r₂ are the pitch radii of wheel 1 and sprocket 2. Wheel 1 and sprocket 2 rotate in opposite directions. $2612$PG,D$

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