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Internalization of Subject Matter

Asian Journal of Education
Asian Journal of Education
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이때까지 Vygotsky, Polanyi, Collingwood의 이론을 교육학의 관점에서 해석한 학위 논문들은 직접 또는 간접으로 그것을 교과의 내면화에 관한 설명으로 취급하고 있다. 이 이론들은 교과의 내면화에 관한 상식적인 규정―학습자의 바깥에 있는 교과가 학습자의 마음 속으로 들어가는 것―에 대한 대안으로서 그 나름으로 ‘마음의 중층구조’를 잠재적 형태로 예시하고 있다. 그러나 그 이론들이 교과의 내면화에 관한 비교적 완전한 설명이 되기 위해서는 마음의 중층구조를 명시적으로 표방하는 성리학의 교육이론에 비추어 다시 해석되지 않으면 안된다. 마음의 중층구조는 마음을 형이상학적 관점에서 규정하는 개념적 도구이며, 교과의 내면화를 이 개념적 도구에 비추어 해석하는 것은 교육의 본질적 속성인 신비를 신비로 받아들이는 데에 도움이 된다 A number of master and doctoral dissertations published to date are interpreting the theories of Vygotsky, Polanyi and Collingwood more or less explicitly as giving explanations to the internalization of subject matter. Vygotsky's concept of zone of proximal development, Polanyi's concept of personal knowledge, and Collingwood's concept of art as the total imaginative experience are viewed rightly as the theoretical elaborations of the spatial analogy inherent in the common-sense notion of 'internalization', i.e., bringing the subject matter from the outside to the inside of the students. It is evident, however, from the formulation of the above theories that they are utilizing in an implicit way what may be called the 'two-fold structure of mind' as clearly exemplified in the Neo-Confucianist theory of education. According to this concept, mind consists of an upper layer, which, like a priori of the Kantian philosophy, designates mind prior to its distinction from the object, and a lower layer, mind in its distinction from the object. The internalization of subject matter is defined in terms of the subtle balance between the two layers of mind, and it is in the light of this concept that the above theories can be understood in their true significance. This concept has also been utilized in a number of dissertations for elucidating the internalization of subject matter and other related aspects of education. The two-fold structure of mind is a conceptual device for defining mind from the metaphysical point of view, which is essential for understanding education as it truly is. Above all, it helps to reveal and appreciate the mystery inherent in the very concept of education.

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